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Sport Head Originals Team (aka SHOT) is a disruptive experience focused sports brand that bridges the gap between athletes and fans through technology, content, and lifestyle products and services for both the digital and physical worlds.

Through the utilisation of Web3 technologies, exclusive content, exclusive events and activities, and both digital and physical lifestyle products, SHOT aims to disrupt the sporting and lifestyle brand industries to create a level playing field for athletes of all sports and all backgrounds, and fans from all communities across the globe where they are able to connect in a much more natural, educated and engaging way.

Not only will our NFT collection be used to personalise clothing and social profile pictures, but by owning a membership pass, you will receive exclusive access to apparel drops, tickets to sporting events and face time with SHOT athletes whether that is a golf lesson, football match or a sparring session.


By owning our NFT and becoming a member of the SHOT ecosystem, your exclusive and limited team pass will provide you with utilities and benefits such as:


Free & exclusive access to streetwear by SHOT & in collab with global brands.


Making the next generation of sport stars through sponsorship & fan base growth.


Exclusive access & free tickets to our athletes & teams games, matches & events.


Meet our athletes & enjoy private sessions such as golf lesson, sparring or a match.


For too long NFT’s have been mostly about profile pictures. At SHOT we’ve proven that we make a positive difference in real life to ambitious athletes and their fans:


4,000 Unique NFTs by our female artist that represent 16 different global sports.


Get to know & support our athletes. Plus vote on who we support in the future.


Bringing the backstory & behind the scenes insights into your favourite sports.


Opportunities to meet and chat with our athletes.

SHOT Athletes

Our athletes that sit within Sport Head Originals Team display values that we believe in. We support true champions who seek to help others in their journey.  By owning the membership pass and becoming an exclusive member of our community, you will have the opportunity to meet and engage with our athletes as well as vote on what sports, teams and athletes we welcome in next!

Our first collection will cover:

eSports | Football | Boxing | Basketball | Golf | Tennis | Baseball | American Football

Athletics | MMA | Volley Ball | Ice Hockey | Field Hockey | Cricket | Fitness | Rugby


NFT Collection

Coming soon is our awesome Sport Head Originals Team NFT Collection.

The collection consists of 8000 unique Sport Heads. With different traits from Black Caps and Gold Hoodies through to Skin Colour and Wheelchairs. We are inclusive and representative.

LovedLoved by athletes and fans for its streetwear,streetwear, its NFT's,NFT's, its communitycommunity & for making the next generation of starsstars

Founding Team

The SHOT leadership team have vast experience spanning entrepreneurship, technology, retail and sport. From establishing multi £m businesses, leading global teams and developing young talent, the combination of this wealth of knowledge and ability, enables SHOT to build a truly scalable and futureproof business.

Not only do our team have impressive professional backgrounds, they have spent most of their lives supporting great causes such as forming girls football teams, running youth hockey teams and sitting on the board of children’s charities.

Liam McDowell

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur that excels in connecting dots, challenging the norm and making things happen. Through creativity, perseverance and collaboration, Liam creates opportunities for people to succeed whether that be an employee, a partner, a client or anyone who needs an opportunity to make a difference. Liam has built businesses that scale, been through M&A and is now leading the vision and strategy for SHOT.

Daunté Crawford

Chief Community Officer

Daunte has come from a sporting background, competing in Football and Athletics, sport is his true passion in life. Daunte has managed across a number of Gyms across the North West of England, worked with top elite sporting athletes. Within web3, he has successfully launched and delivered on projects. Daunte's key focus is building a sustainable community, integrating Sport and Lifestyle through SHOT.

Carl Bruiners

Chief Technical Officer

Carl has led technical delivery teams for some of the UK's biggest brands such as ASOS and Dunelm. At Dunelm, Carl was CTO for online helping the business switch from traditional store based retailer to becoming one of the UK's largest online home retailers. Outside of work, Carl has founded successful Futsal and Hockey teams. This alongside being a broader sports enthusiast is why Carl has co-founded SHOT, the new brand for athletes and their fans.

Roadmap 1 Delivered

At SHOT, we have witnessed many failed Web3 projects, most look to mint a collection of profile pictures and then create a roadmap.

SHOT is different.

We wanted to prove our business model before minting the collection and so far we have successfully executed phase 1 of our roadmap. Here are just some of the things we have delivered and what you’ll be looking forward to joining as a member of Sport Head Originals Team.


Binman to British Champion

We have welcomed a cohort of 7 athletes across various sports. These athletes will get our support for a minimum of 1 year; win, lose or draw!


Hand Drawn Artwork

Our female artist has created an awesome suite of traits to create 4000 NFT's that represent both sport, individuality and inclusiveness


Credible Leadership Team

Sport Head Originals Team is a UK Ltd company with registered trademarks. We have our own technology and have formed b2b partnerships


Utilities from Day one

Your NFT will provide exclusive access to the athletes, clothing drops, tickets to events, partner ecosystem benefits and a vote on which future athletes to support


Premium streetwear by SHOT. As worn by athletes, their fans and those who have style. 

Your life is about the choices you make as a person. If you want a better life, making better choices is a good one. I also have lived by this quote & told myself it many times throughout my career… Nothing worth having comes easy!

Liam Davies - British Super Bantamweight Champion

Self belief is a huge part of achieving greatness but having a support system who believe in you means everything. Success is a combination of hard work, team work and being present in the moment, not dwelling on the past or the future.

Naomi Metzger - Commonwealth Bronze Triple Jump Medalist