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Sport Head Orignals Team have released an initial collection of 4,000 Sport Heads. Each Sport Head is unique with hand-drawn traits by our UK based artist and underpinned with a unique ID which provides proof ownership. We achieve this level of certification by utilising leading-edge technologies where your Sport Head ID is recorded as Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain as an NFT.

By owning a Sport Head, you will unlock exclusive content and experiences within our SHOT app

Each Sport Head is free and you will have to pay a small Gas fee. Gas prices vary depending on how much activity is being conducted on the Blockchain at any given time, so if the prices seem high, then perhaps wait until things settle down. 

If you are connecting on mobile please use the built in browser in the Metamask or Coinbase App

Limited to 3 x mints per transaction

No wallet? Pay a small transaction fee with a credit or debit card and your Sport Head will be sent to you via email