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SHOT identify talented athletes who need support to help push that little further towards achieving their sporting ambitions. 

Each athlete has a story to tell, whether they are working multiple jobs to fund their families and training, have been dropped by a major sponsor, are underrepresented in their sport or have been through tough personal circumstances, they have still kept focus on the goal even when others have doubted them. 

At SHOT, we aspire to create the next generation of global sport stars.  Through our sponsorship and member community, we can help the athletes eat, train and recover correctly and more importantly create a global fan base who will keep them going even in the darkest of times.

Over the next 12 months, we will be looking to build a global Sport Head Originals Team across:

Football | Boxing | Basketball | Golf | Tennis | Baseball | American Football | Athletics | MMA | Volley Ball | Ice Hockey | Field Hockey | Cricket | Gym

our current team


Insights & News

‘SHOT with Maria Tulley’ S – HOT with Maria Maria Tulley is a female professional golfer from Cornwall and is one of SHOT’s original athletes. What drew Maria to SHOT on the face of it was the name/logo. Since every shot is a golf shot, she thought that we would make an appropriate sponsor.

The Journey of Naomi Metzger – Commonwealth Games Triple Jump Bronze Medallist Following a third-place finish accompanied by a Bronze medal and four personal bests, Annie Mills sat down with Naomi Metzger for Sport Head Originals Team to chat all things Commonwealth Games and experience her journe

The Cannon Taylor’s journey from the board room to the boxing ring started when he put off going to university to focus on his boxing career. He had secured a place at Leicester to study game designing, something he hopes to pick up once his boxing career has ended. Even though Taylor didn’t giv

READY. SET. VEGAS… Professional boxer and SHOT original athlete Kieron Conway from Northampton is headed to Las Vegas on the 17th September to take on US national Austin Williams at the T-Mobile Arena. After securing a deal with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing in 2019, Conway will be hoping

NFTs: What are they?   NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token. We can use NFTs to represent ownership of unique items. Things like art, collectibles, and even real estate can be assigned to them. The cryptocurrency blockchain secures them so no one can modify the ownership record or copy/paste a

SHOT with Liam Davies S – tory so far Liam Davies is a 26-year-old professional boxer from Telford and is also one of SHOT’s original athletes. Liam ‘grew up with the gloves on’ with his Grandad running a gym in the middle of his childhood community and his dad being a professional boxer him


To support with vision and mission we are welcoming a team of ambassadors, typically those who are current or ex professional athletes who bring diverse insights, experience and motivation to both our athletes and our community.  

Announcing soon....soon....

SHOT ambassadors

Join as an Athlete or Ambassador

Reach out if you’re a team, an athlete or a project who share a similar vision to Sport Head Originals Team as we’d love to hear your story and explore how we may be able to help your ambitions.

If you’re a current or ex professional who loves to support grassroots, underrepresented communities and those who need a break, then reach out as we’d love to hear how you can help build the future of sport.